Frequently Asked Questions 
(FAQs will be updated and added as needed)

How do I find out about meetings?
Information about meetings will be posted on the Meetings page on the Commission's website. You may also follow the Commission on Twitter (@CommissionVA) for news about upcoming meetings. 

How do I view a meeting in progress?
Every meeting agenda will have a link to access that meeting.

How can I make verbal comments during a public meeting?
Every full commission meeting agenda will have a link to register to provide live public comment. When you click this link you will be prompted to enter required information. You will have to select the option "Yes" for providing live public comment. Do not complete this registration process if you do not intend to provide live public comment. The registration period will close at 10:00 a.m. the day before a full commission meeting. 

How can I view past meetings?

Meetings are recorded and the video is posted on the Meetings page of the Commission's website.

What are legally permissible methods of contacting the Commission?
A key mission of the Commission is to ensure an open and transparent redistricting process where no one person has undue influence on the work of the Commission. As such, the law prohibits the commissioners and staff for the Commission from communicating with persons outside of the Commission about matters related to redistricting and reapportionment outside of a public meeting or hearing. You may write or email the Commission, its staff, or any of the commissioners, but their ability to respond is limited by law. Submission of written public comment is also permissible, as is providing live public comment at a meeting or hearing of the Commission.

Where do I find official updates about the timeline for release of the 2020 Census Data?
Visit the Census Bureau’s website for official information regarding the 2020 Census Data.

How does the delay of 2020 Census Data impact Virginia Redistricting? 
View statement of impact on Virginia’s Redistricting Commission.

How does the delay of 2020 Census Data and redistricting affect the Virginia elections in 2021?
The Commission has no constitutional or statutory authority regarding the scheduling or administration of Virginia elections, including those held in 2021. Until told otherwise, the Commission's focus is carrying out its constitutional duty of drawing and submitting maps to the General Assembly within 45 days of receipt of the 2020 Census Data. Information on Virginia's elections can be found at